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Time for a chimney sweep?

Keene area chimney services including annual flue cleanings, chimney inspections, maintenance and repairs -- as well as rain gutter cleaning and dryer vent cleaning.

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We offer all-inclusive chimney sweeping and maintenance, servicing Hillsboro and Keene communities. Keep your stove and chimney safe and running efficiently throughout the year with the help of a professional chimney sweep. Book your cleaning today.

Monadnock Area Chimney Services


Chimney Cleaning

We offer a neat and efficient cleaning process to effectively remove blockages, soot, and buildup from within the stove or fireplace, and chimney liner. This will allow your stove or fireplace to operate more efficiently and be safe for the burning season. 


Chimney Repointing

We offer restorative applications for your chimney, one of which includes repointing. This process replaces the decaying mortar with new mortar material to strengthen the chimney's structural integrity.


Flue Relining

Over time your old flue can deteriorate, which if not repaired can lead to a home fire. We offer competitive pricing to replace your existing clay flue liner with one of our stainless steel liners. All liners are safe for wood, oil, coal, and gas appliances and are backed by a lifetime warranty.


Chimney Cap Installation

Your chimney cap helps with the longevity of your crown (the top of your chimney) and keeps water and animals out and sparks and embers in. We offer standard and custom, single and multi-flue caps.


Dryer Vent Cleaning

Over time your dryer vent can can become clogged with lint or other obstructions, which can cause dryer parts to fail and shortens the life of your dryer. Lint is very combustible and can lead to fires inside the duct work. Cleaning your dryer vent is an important step to preventing fires and maintaining your dryer.


Rain Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning your gutters should be a yearly task and we can help with that. By cleaning your gutters not only will it help maintain the longevity of the gutters, but will also decrease the likelihood of ice dams, leaky roofs, basement flooding and foundation cracking. 



Chimney Cleaning
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